Andrea Spinelli

PhD Candidate in "Applied Economics and Management (AEM)" - University of Pavia and University of Bergamo

Assegnista di ricerca in "Operations Research" - University of Bergamo

Adjunct Professor of the course "Operational Research" - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Brescia

Short bio

I am currently PhD candidate in Applied Economics and Management (AEM) at University of Pavia-University of Bergamo, adjunct professor of the course "Operational Research" at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Brescia and assegnista di ricerca in Operations Research at University of Bergamo.

I graduated in Mathematics at University of Milan, after a research period in Applied Mathematics to Life Sciences at Paris-Sud University (France).

When I came back to Italy, I started teaching Maths in high-schools and at University of Bergamo.

From February to June 2022, I was in visiting at University of Lisbon, Insituto Superior Técnico in Portugal.

Since September 2022, I am the President  of the association "Diamo i Numeri", devoted to didactics and dissemination of Mathematics.

"Diamo i Numeri"

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